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Gabi! This is super nice. Very calming and super pretty. Because the game is so audio oriented, one thing I would maybe add is a little clink sound when a coin is offered, because without it, it's a little jarring. Aside from that, I agree with Euris that it would be cool if you could click on something and have a small animation play or have the frog react to you or something. I also agree with Euris when he says you're good at art because really dude, just look at this! It's so well painted, super good work!

Woah, Gabi is good at art (who knew)! I love the wonderful illustration, selection of sounds, and the day/night cycle. I think it would've been cool to be able to directly interact with the things I'm seeing. Kind of like those old interactable wallpaper games where you click on some particular object and then a little animation will play. That's all I can really say, great job, gabs (who is good at art). In fact, I will stay for the nice rain noises.

I love the concept! Being a deity and just watching time passes is such an incredible experience, and really satisfying. Nice sound effects and visual elements (the frog looks like pixel art, which is a little out of space). The random appearence of bugs and frog is also a quite fun feature. For the biggest suggestion, I hoped there're some interactable objects which you can interact with, like click on the frog and it will jump away. Great work overall, I really enjoyed it!

I love how you made just sitting at a little shrine so enjoyable! The day night cycle keeps it interesting but I wish the time of day followed an order and  each time of day lasted a bit longer so i could have more time to appreciate to beautiful art and sounds. I want to keep this open and just chill with it at it after having worked on a project for a while. Love it!